Friday, April 21, 2006

I have been putting off this post for a few days now. I had great hopes of coming home from FL and rattling on and on about the great time I had... BUT, I had a HORRIBLE time and am trying to forget the whole nightmare. That is all I am going to say about it... oh, that and... Yes, I left the bitch down there! She deserved it... and NO, I dont care if or how she made it back.
Ok, enough about that...maybe I will get into more details at a later time.

Things are running as usual since I got back. The kids had a great time camping...and Ollie enjoyed his time alone.
I feel as though I wasted 5 days of my life, and would have much rather surprised the kids by showing up at camp... and spent Easter with Ollie in the garage. Oh well... lesson learned!

I had a long ass day, my allergies are killing me and the rain is depressing. I'll write more when I feel more 'human.'

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hmmm...where to start...
I guess with Thursday, my birthday. Ollie helped the kids make an awesome birthday cake! The BEST ever!! With about a ton of sprinkles, just the way I like it...nice and! But really they did a great job. Nathan sang "happy birthday" to me for like 2 hours straight... it was great!!
After my "party" Ollie and I went out to continue my hunt for a dress for the wedding... which was succussful!! Yes, I found a dress I could live with wearing...impressive!
Friday was busy. I realized I needed someway to keep my boobs in my new dress...that got interesting! And I felt the need for a new pair of shoes. I had to pack up the kids, get a list together for the people dog sitting for us... just plain busy!
We ended up getting a late start on our way to Philly...completely my fault. But we did manage to get there, check into our hotel and head to South Street, surprisingly I remembered how to get there!
Saturday we woke up... late. Went out for breakfast, and realized it was cold and wet, so I had to stop and pick up something to cover my shoulders with...I would have lost my mind if I had to walk around in the rain with nothing to pretend to keep me warm.
We were doing great with time, but then ended up getting lost on the way to the wedding...DUH! We walked in the doors and almost stepped right on Stacey's dress!! But we didnt miss anything.
After the wedding we had some time to kill and met up with Meg and Trav at the bar in the was nice to get to "catch up"...then it was off to the reception. It was cool to see Ollie have a good time... he even drank abit! That kinda amazed me, since he started working for the railroad he hasnt had anything to drink.
All in all it was a good weekend, and I was happy to get some extra time with Ollie... lately it is few and far between!!
Sunday we got up, said our good-byes to everyone and headed back to South St. It was a georgous day so we parked and walked around... checking out all the shops. We were going to get pierced but I decided against it once I started to think about it. I want to have it done... but at a CLEAN place!! And after I get back from FL... which is only 3 days away :)!!
On a side note, the people that were going to sell us their land are REALLY starting to annoy me!! Ollie and I are sooo ready to move forward with the deal... but they keep dragging their feet! It is going to take us some time to clean up and clear out all their shit... and we want to have a house started before too long. So, if they dont move on with it, we are going to look elsewhere! There is a farm going up for sale in 2 weeks... that may be our next option. HUGE farmhouse (5 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, kitchen, DR, etc), a barn, 2 other out buildings, and a 2 car free standing garage!! We arent quite sure of the acreage yet.
Time to get my hubby up for work... and time for me to go to bed

Thursday, April 06, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Yes, it is my birthday...this year is kinda depressing...I am now 30... sob, sob, sob.
Greg, you are too funny! Loved the gifts...especially the handcuffs ;) You gotta watch dropping shit off at our house in the middle of the could have gotten yourself shot!! Anyway, THANK YOU, you definatly made my day! Oh.. yeah, and the sand... 7 DAYS!!!! wooo hooo! But I dont think the sand in FL looks quite like the sand you found, but I get the point...and the fact that it came from Kish is too cool! You're a freak!

Today is going to be one of those days. Ollie finally fixed our brand freakin new washer... dont ask. So, I can catch up on laundry. I have to go and find something to wear to Brian and Stacey's wedding. Get the kids things all packed up for their weekend at my grandparents. I am bagging work today...there is NO way I am spending my Bday there. Besides, Ollie and the kids baked me a cake and have a little 'party' planned...I am really excited!!

Oops, dog fight... be back later

Monday, April 03, 2006

Another beautiful weekend has come and gone...Spring is finally here!
Saturday the kids went to my grandparents house... from there they went to an Easter Egg hunt. I got the chance to meet up with Ollie once he got off work and before I had to go to work. We went out for lunch with Alex (Ollie's partner in crime). The two of them have been working on building motorized skate boards...with which they will likely kill themselves on! Anyway, Ollie just got the trucks for the boards in the mail and they were anxious to check them out and see if the tires would lunch was kind of a celebration meal! Most of the conversation was about these skate boards... and sailing. Alex is a big time sailing buff...he wants us to charter a sail boat with him and his wife over the next few years and take a month and sail from little island to little island. Yes, it sounds WONDERFUL... but I get insanely motion sick, so I dont think it would be real enjoyable unless I was drugged the entire time.
But anyway, after lunch I went to work. Work really frustrated me on Saturday. They keep trying to schedule me with training classes on the weekends, and I have told them time and time again I can not do that until May. During April I have way to much stuff going on over the weekends--My Bday/Brian and Stacey's wedding, Florida, and a weekend to catch up on house stuff since I will be gone. So, I had a little "disagreement" with management, and I really wanted to tell them to kiss my ass!! Long story short, I explained ONCE AGAIN how weekends are good for right now and we all got on with the day.
Sunday was a day for just me and Ollie! It was really nice!! All the kids had plans with friends/family... so it was me, Ollie and the dogs ALL day!! We decided to sleep in a bit then have lunch...after lunch we packed up two of the dogs and went up to Black Log State Forest where we did some hiking. I figured we would find a trail and stick with it... Ollie had different plans. He wanted to follow a stream we came across...what a hike!! It was crazy. The dogs were even looking at us like, "you want us to climb over, jump around, find a way through ALL of that shit!?!" I cant say I wasnt thinking the same!! We all made it out of the woods alive...I ended up with several thorn cuts and the occasional one or two still stuck in my skin and a MAJOR headache because of all the bug repellant I sprayed on myself (yes I have a HUGE fear of ticks and lyme disease...and yes, Ollie laughs at me for it). Then we made our way down the mountain and back home...where I quickly jumped into the shower to get that bug shit off of me! After that we went to gather up all the kids, then Ollie headed off to work.
Our major topic of conversation lately is our upcoming trip to the Philly area for the wedding. We were just there last weekend so I could take my test for dog training...and we got lost (because Ollie wouldnt listen to me), the care broke down, in the ghetto... I cant wait to see what next weekends trip brings!!
I guess I better get my ass ready for work! is raining.

Friday, March 31, 2006

YEAH FOR WARM WEATHER!!! I can not even begin to express how damn happy 70 degrees makes me!!

Ollie and Nathan were outside all morning riding 4 wheelers, and as scarey as it is to admit it... Nathan is just like his daddy!! He zips around on that thing like he has been riding for years! Well, I guess he has...but you get the picture. I think this year is going to be the year I have been fearing all along...the year Nathan gets a little dare devilish on that thing. Of course, Ollie thinks it is great and tells me how I over react...he keeps reminding me that "boys get hurt"...and "pain goes away, but pride lasts forever"...he is such a stupid ass sometimes. I went inside for 5 minutes, and when I came back out I caught Ollie trying to teach Nathan how to do wheelies!!! NO WAY!! I AM NOT HAVING THAT!! Nathan is only 4yrs old... that shit can wait!
Yes, I tend to be over protective... and yes, Ollie is the complete opposite. One would think we could meet in the middle on this... nope, we cant.

I LOVE my job. But, I hate the one manager. He is a complete pig, and has been hitting on me since day one. Ollie came into work with me one day last week...and that particular manager made it a point to say shit about my husband. That was the final straw! He got his first and last harrassment warning from me. Since then he has just been a total dick towards me.. until a few days ago... I went off on him. I wanted to hit him, but somehow I was able to control that urge. The next time I saw him, 2 days later, he did manage to cough up a pathetic apology.
Anyway...I really have a good time when I am at work. Everyone else there is great, and I have already made some new friendships.

So, I am trying to find some new clothes for all know that I am not a "dress" kinda chick...but, I figured I would try to find a few "sundresses" I can live with for this trip. It isnt going well at all. I hate them... all of them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
My, oh so loving, husband thinks this situation is funny...I do not. I keep reminding him that he, too, will have to get dressed up in a few weeks...when we go to Brian's wedding!! He doesnt find that funny at all!!

Well, I better go and check on "the boys"...I can only imagine what kind of trouble they are getting into now!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I just got home from work, about 15 minutes ago (by the way, I LOVE my job). Anyway, I pull into the driveway, get out of my car, walk up to the porch, and the door opens. I thought, aww how sweet Ollie is happy to see me... yeah right!, only because the kids were driving him crazy!!
He follows me back to our bed room, bitching and moaning about how no one listened to him tonight...the girls were outside throwing dirt at eachother...Josh wouldnt stop being cranky, etc. So after I sit and listen to him, I thought I would share my evening with him...two minutes after I begin to tell him, all I hear is him snoring. FEEL THE LOVE!?!

Nathan is completely over the pneumonia... and of course allergies are setting in! Brittany still things EVERYTHING makes her sick...I have come to the conclusion that she only gets sick with she gets upset. It appears she gets hit with these belly problems whenever I have to go to work, or she has to go with her dad, or when Ollie is gone for more then 2 days. So, yeah...I think it is a mental thing. Josh is up to his preteen crap, nothing out of the ordinary there. Same with Courtney.

April is going to be a nutty month. First will be my birthday, then we have a wedding to attend, over Easter I will be in FL...VACATION!!! During which the kids will be camping with family, and my dear (snoring and drooling) hubby with be all on his own.

Doula training is not nearly as easy as I had hoped! I am really having a hard time with the physiology stuff...I whizzed thru the communications class, wrote all of the detailed papers, NO PROBLEM! But damn, expect me to remember exact muscles and stuff... PROBLEM! I hope to have more time and energy to put into it over the next few weeks, so I can get through that part and move on to the next part--everything you actually need to know to be an awesome doula! I am still attending childbirth classes (which is kinda weird since I have done them already a few times, and I am the only person in the classes that can still see her feet!!)...I have alot of fun in them! I also found my first 2 couples/clients!! This is an awesome thing...since I need to assist in 2 births BEFORE they will certify me! That is one less thing I need to stress about now...and both couples are really great, they have an good sense of humor and dont mind being my guinea pigs!

OK...time for bed!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I know, I am FAR overdue for an update! I have been so freakin busy...
On top of the family thing, the dogs, the doula training, and all that fun stuff...I took on yet another "activity"...yep, I got a job! Not just an ordinary, boring job that I could jump right into...nope, that would be far too easy. Instead I picked something that would suck up tons of my life to train for...frustrate the hell out of my...and just about cause all of my hair to fall the hell out! of today...I am a certified pet trainer for PetSmart!!! YEAH!!! Not only that, I am the "head trainer" in the brand spanking new Carlisle store.
OK....there is a breif update, I will blab about it more tomorrow...I need some much needed sleep!